Tarung Records is a small D.I.Y label that run by two brother, Plek! and Faj Bastard. Both of them concerned in releasing a D.I.Y stuff about hardcore, punk, grind, thrash, powerviolence, metal, etc bands with a great attitude and messages to spread. Not just bands that can make a good song with killer skills or whatsoever. The message is much better than just skill! we don’t care wether you’re new or old band, playing great or worse, we don’t care! we do release your song when we want to.

Don’t be shy to contact us and communicate with us. Oh, and don’t just talk about a movement, resistance, protest, etc without realize it! we get so bored with those bullshits without an action 🙂

contact us at :

email : tarungrecs@yahoo.com

facebook : facebook.com/pages/Tarung-Recs-N-Distribution

Twitter : @tarungrecs

Instagram : instagram.com/tarungrecords

Bandcamp : tarungrecs.bandcamp.com

phone : 081334556635 (Fajar) & 08125213183 (Aji)


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